Lulu Bang

Ashley, Kelly, and Jorrae Beard pitch LuLu Bang, their line of sauces for barbecue and other dishes, in Shark Tank episode 805. The sisters, who also own a restaurant called Joyce’s Soulful Cuisine in Philadelphia (now closed) and a catering business, started cranking out jars of their sauces in 2013 for their restaurant customers. Now, their primary business is producing the line of Lulu Bang sauces.

Jorrae is the creative sister, with many years of culinary experience. She named the company and the products after her older brother, Michael Anthony “Lulu Bang” Beard. Kelly serves as CEO. The inspiration for their former restaurant menu and the sauces came from their mother, Joyce Beard. They are a Veteran, Woman and Minority owned business.

Source: Shark Tank Blog:

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