LuLu Bang Burgers & Wangs opens at the Common Table

The owners of a popular Philadelphia-based line of sauces have launched a new pop-up restaurant.

Philadelphia sisters and owners of the LuLu Bang Sauces and Marinades, Jorrae and Kelly Beard, have opened Lulu Bang Burgers & Wangs at the Common Table, located at 310 S. 48th St. Monday marked the official launch of the pop-up restaurant, which is part of The Enterprise Center’s restaurant incubator program.

LuLu Bang is a member of the Center for Culinary Enterprises and will have the organization’s support during their launch phase. While temporarily using space at The Common Table, the program will continue to seek permanent residence for LuLu Bang’s future restaurant and will launch a kick starter campaign for 60 days. After the businesswomen appeared on ABC’s hit television show Shark Tank last October, LuLu Bang sauces and their catering business grew in popularity.

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